Commissioned Stuff
Special Commission Pieces

These are my special commission pieces which I made specifically for certain individuals. I liked how they came out so they are displayed here for your viewing pleasure. Although usually I am very willing and pleased to have people use my art, the pictures displayed here are the exceptions. I do not give permission for them to be used anywhere other than their intended purpose or my own portfolios because I'd like them to be unique. I hope you understand.

I am not taking any new commissions or requests at this time. I'll keep around the Commission FAQ in case I ever start that up again.

Oh My I'm Purple
June 2000
Rion and Goldleaf
May 2000
Oh My II
May 2000
Thori Demon
Jan 2000
March 2000
Her Three Faces
May 1999
Iris Red
July 1999
Venus II
Oct 1998
Nov 1998
Wisdom Cat
Sept 1998
Sept 1998
Akasha Jade
Fall 1997
Aug 1998
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