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A Picture Gallery

Hello there and welcome to my picture gallery. If you don't read anything else here, you must at least know that Photoshop(tm) rocks! If you're like me, you're probably curious about what's new.

There used to be lots of thumbnails of my drawings here but this page was getting slow to load and I'm as impatient as the next person. So, my stuff is organized into these smaller sub-galleries you see here below. Enough talk. Go see the pictures.
The Pictures

Winged Humanoids: Page 1 ... Page 2 ... Page 3
People: Page 1 ... Page 2 ... Page 3 ... Page 4
Creatures: Page 1
Winged Creatures: Page 1 ... Page 2
Miscellaneous: Page 1 ... Page 2
Commissions ... Sketches
RPG Portraits ... Mythical Creatures ... Demons ... Emblazons

About My Art

These pictures are drawn in Photoshop. I made the transition from mouse to pen tablet during 1998. A very few started on paper, probably because I didn't have a computer handy.

Much of what you'll find here is my "from scratch" art.  A couple of them have backgrounds which are highly filtered scanned photos.  In the past, I usually didn't bother doing a background. Lately I've been trying to draw my own. The composites in my Mythical Creatures gallery are photos with a little or maybe a whole lot of embellishment.   I had been working on a set of Demons but let's face it, I stalled out years ago. They'll stay in my gallery of course. The demons are mainly original drawings, sometimes composited onto photographs. They were fun too. Then there's my set of Emblazons which are small little pictures in my interpretation of a heraldric style.

Sometimes, people ask me how I do it. I don't have a really good answer, but you can read my ramblings about it. You should also check out the pep-talk and set of tutorials on Dee's Dragons Page. The pep-talk is amusing even if you don't need it, and the stuff on shading is good. I wish I knew that when I was starting.

Other Stuff

  1. If you'd like to link to here, please do. If you want some little graphic, check out my link-logos page.
  2. I finally wrote up an Art Policy for those of you who want to use my art. (It's not as short as it used to be, but you will probably get what you want faster... :-)
  3. Finally, all pictures in this gallery are Copyright Meilin Wong except where noted.
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