Commission 4 out of 4 in my Save Elfwood series.

Blue-purple fairy kneeling
Copyright 1998 Meilin Wong

Notes: This one is just for Phantasia. Thanks muchly for your Elfwood donation and thanks for the chocolate chip cookies! :-)

Hmmm. Lotsa work, ain't perfect, but I'm pleased. I learned a few more Photoshop tricks in the process: color dodge/burn and how to fade the sharpen (not necessarily used in this version). More lights with wide lines. It was a lot of fun adding the light beams and sparkles. The fun finishing touches. The final tweaks on the hands, feet, mouth, chin - sunspark wanted a pointier chin :->, and lighting took maybe 5-6 hours over a week or so. Which makes the total time um... around 20-25 hours. Good thing I don't slip schedules this badly at work. ;-)

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