A mischievous red haired, blue eyed fairy/sprite named Bria. Number 1 of 4 in my Save Elfwood series.

Red haired fairy
Copyright 1998 Meilin Wong

This one is just for Bria, thanks for your Elfwood donation!

I think this took around 20 hours all told. I wish I had thought of a good background, but it's time to move on. Layers (first mention, but I've been using them for a while), pen tablet, original at height=1400. Hires because RAM got cheap... we now have 84Meg I think.

Wings are so easy compared to bodies... Had a lot of trouble with the legs, spent a bunch of time on her right hand. I'm still not entirely pleased with the right hand (photographed my own hand but I think the angle could be better), but most of it's hidden. :-)

Let sunspark play with her left arm angles, her torso/hips, and her legs a lot. I think he spent nearly 2 hours total. He gets a fraction of the commission. :-) We figure that at this rate, he needs to draw pics in less than a minute each to earn as much as he's making now. ;)

Wasted a whole lot of time on her left wing trying to do the forshortened view. Also wasted a lot of time trying to do wing struts (to hide the fact that I failed to foreshorten it correctly. :-) Gave up when zanzibar said very clearly that he liked it better before all that.

Spent even more time on little detailing on the bottom wings and the internal parts of the top wings. The detailing on the top wings wasn't worth the effort. Lightened up the dress for better contrast with the body and threw some glitters on it as an afterthought.

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