Rion and Goldleaf
Rion and Goldleaf

Rion, Forest Lord, with a face like sculpted marble. Goldleaf, named for the flecks of gold in her deep green eyes.

Goldleaf and Rion with butterfly
Copyright 2000 Meilin Wong

This one was was a special commission by Lin (aka Goldleaf) as a wedding present for her fiance (aka Rion). Cool, eh? It was a secret too, made harder by the fact that they read email on the same computer. We got to play cyber spies. :-)

I'm pretty pleased with it. I like her hair. I like how his face ended up working out. The story behind this is one which they are writing together. The butterfly in Goldleaf's hands is the alternate form of Cassandra, a character who was one of the major influences in my Kei Lani picture.

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