Custom Work
Custom Images - FAQ

  First of all  
Thanks for your interest! This page is all about how to get custom work from me.

No new commissions at this time :-(

- Meilin, Dec 2001

Let me make it clear that I am not a professional artist. I am a professional programmer. I do art for fun. ;-) The problem is that while I'd like to make something for free for everyone who asks, I can't. I have a life. I love my day job. If I had 100 hours each day, maybe I'd have the time. Reason tells me I should say no to requests. However, if you want something so badly from me that you're willing to pay for it, I figure an occasional commission won't kill me.

  How much does it cost?  
The big question. The cost depends on what you want.  I will start by saying my basic rate is $10/hour. For this price, I will do my best to make the image you want. I retain the copyright.  You get the right to use it on your website, print up a copy for home display, tattoo it on yourself if you like, as long as you don't sell it.  I don't give permission for anyone else use it on the web.


A full detailed picture (eg Reverence) will generally work out to $100-$300.  Things that make my job easier, which translates to reducing your cost, are good references.  Take a picture of yourself in the pose you like or point me at a picture of the actor whose face you like.

A photomorph (eg, the Tea Fairy), It's pretty easy for me to add wings to a scanned photo and lots of fun to boot. Much easier than drawing from a description. A photomorph will run you between $10-$20, possibly as high as $50. I can work within a budget if you're limited. The way it works is you send me a picture (or several to pick from), an idea of what sort of wings you like, and what general color scheme you like. I also do pointy ears, pointy teeth, etc. ;-) Oh yes, please make sure the picture is legally yours! I don't want to get in any copyright trouble.

I deliver images in jpg or gif format for the web, tiff for printing. Ask me if you need some other format. Images these days are in the range of 1000-2000 pixels on a side for the hires version. I'm a big fan of modem-friendly images so the web-format version will be the smallest size I feel still looks good.

If you have a budget limit, make sure to let me know! I can go for hours and hours dressing up an image and adding details.

At the risk of being innundated, I will admit that I also sometimes do free requests.  The downside about free requests is that I make absolutely no promises I'll even start it, much less finish it.   Another downside is that I'd let pretty much anyone else who asked use it too.