Venus's favorite color is blue. Those are supposed to be scarves trailing off her hand, not tentacles. And I know her skirt is short, but goddesses are allowed to wear skimpy clothing. Number 3 of 4 in my Save Elfwood series.

Beautiful lady in short blue dress
Copyright 1998 Meilin Wong

This one is just for Phil, thanks muchly for your generous Elfwood donation! He wanted this for his tribute to a friend.

More work on that background thing. Another quickie try at doing water. (Yep, supposed to be sky and water behind that railing.) This one took forever partly because I wanted to do a better job on the hips and legs. Phil liked the pose from the Bria fairy, but I wanted to redo it. I practiced a lot (on paper even!) while working on this. Shoes and feet are hard. Oooh dear, someone just pointed out the head's too small... More work needed!

Um, what else? I don't think a real person can turn their head that much when that much of their back is showing, but I liked the head and didn't want to change how much of the back of the dress was showing... Speaking of which, why is it that for the longest time, the quick sketch of the head I made looked much better than the cleaned up version? I'm finally pleased with the face, but it ate up probably 10+ hours alone.

The light blue strings on her hips are supposed to be like those jingly things belly dancers wear.

There's a second version of this, largely because the sketch looked good and Phil's a swell guy. :-)

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