Akasha Jade
Akasha Jade

A vampire sorceress requested by Maribeth.

Black haired vampire casting a spell
Copyright 1997 Meilin Wong

Was supposed to be just for Maribeth, but sadly she dropped off the face of the net before I could deliver it (yup, I'm slow. :-) She's back, so I'm not allowing any further use of this pic.

I suspect she wasn't supposed to be so dynamic looking since a lot of the vampire-like looks I saw were either languid or sensual. (I did some research.) A lot of airbrushing. The first pass looked like a super hero, which just wouldn't do, which is how I got stuck doing the a decent complete first pass in about 6 hours. Maybe I'll rework the hands. Second pass, reworked hands and her right arm, darkened magic spray the better to see the hair underneath. Dark red dress with holes in shoulders. Someone on Elfwood thought the magic spray (pinkish circle behind figure) was a moon. Ah well, back to the drawing board...

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