Venus II
Venus II

Venus, dressed in the waves of the deep blue sea. Number 3.5 of 4 in my Save Elfwood series.

Beautiful lady dressed in the waves of the sea
Copyright 1998 Meilin Wong

Another one for Phil, thanks again for your generous Elfwood donation! He wanted the short skirt version for his tribute to a friend. This long skirt version was something I tried to tempt him with.

Spent a long time on redoing the skirt, wanted the slit to the hip. That necessitated redoing the scarf so that it didn't obscure the slit. Experimented with reds, but decided blue looked better. (Green was simply awful.)

Wanted to practice with folds in clothing, wanted believable and luxurious folds. Separated the top and bottom skirts out for easier fiddling with the meld-into-the-waves look. Wanted the dress to become the ocean. Not quite, but it came out ok. Had to put the ribbon at the bottom to liven it up (sorta boring there and not enough emphasis on the rippled edge for me.

Gingerly fixed a few things from the short skirt version in response to commments from elfwood and my friends in the peanut gallery. Head too small, hand too big, lighting wrong (skin by day, background at night).

Worked more on the back. After the practice with Miss White, decided to try shoulder blades, messed up, resorted to digital camera. It's become increasingly handy for simple things (hands for instance. ;-) Not good for the sorts of poses which weren't meant for mortals. Wouldn't you know it though, after carefully analysis and study, much of interesting parts of the back ended up hidden by the dress. Ah well. :)

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