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This is where I list new pictures I've done. Sadly, I don't draw as much as I'd like due to Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) in my hands. I'm trying out sketching with pencil because it appears to save a few hours of photoshop time.

Can't find something? The unfinished stuff generally winds up in my Sketches gallery.

Recent history
  • Mar-23-2006 Added Sabriya, the fairy of March. Mostly 2d at this point, she's a fairly quick sketch. I'm pretty pleased with her, in spite of the "little girl pink" color scheme. I'm pretty pleased with how the tangled feet pose came out too. Hopefully someday, when I'm actually good at anatomy, they'll still look ok to me. :-) I'd like to play with the folds of the skirt so they behave like cloth should when bending over her right knee.

  • Jun-21-2005 I sketched a pensive redhaired fairy with green wings this morning. I'm getting little bits of inspiration here and there but nothing to kick off the obsession.

  • Mar-15-2005 No big surprise, but I'm officially acknowledging that this site is mostly dormant. I have good intentions of coming back someday and drawing up a storm but who knows when that'll be. I still hope you enjoy what you see and thanks for visiting. Until then, keep smiling. :-)

  • Jan-13-2005 Gosh, look at me. Starting to get re-inspired to draw. Sketched some clothing, Ms. Peach Blouse. These are for Hydra. 03:44 is too late for more description than that. :-)

    I guess I should also install the last few "new" images in a gallery with icons, etc. Yep, in my copious free time.

  • May-20-2004 As if you couldn't guess,
    Priority(Web updates) << Priority(Work) + Priority(Life);
    On the plus side, E3 went well this year. Anyhow, here's one of the things I've done in the last 5 months, a horned hair lady with tentacles... I was playing with how subtle to make the tentacles. She also needs a name.

  • 12-04-2003 Once in a while it's good to ignore the myriad of little voices clamoring for your attention and just do something for yourself. Last night that something was a sketch of a female ouroboros halfbreed.

  • 11-28-2003 I just opened a FreonDream store with CafePress. My first one. Yep, you heard that right. My very first.

    I'd heard of CafePress years ago now and even back then all kinds of artists were opening stores left and right. So what's my excuse? Paranoia and lameness. If this works out maybe this means I'll get around to selling prints int another decade. Next on my todo list for ones to make hires printable versions of are

    Feel free to contact me with your vote for what image/product you'd want.

  • 11-26-2003 Added Niestr' Alietia. Look Ma, borders!

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