A sidhe named She
A sidhe named She

Golden skin, bright of wing

Pigtails, red-gold wings, measuring look
Copyright 1998 Meilin Wong

Notes: Started this one in the midst of the Gex2 crunch, during the time when I'd put aside Photoshop. It was just before New Year's and I was giving a little present to myself, to play with my new pen tablet (which had been languishing for months). I was just going to try drawing some pigtails. Next, there was a face. Then there was a cool looking face, and the face had an expression that said, "You and whose army?"

It looked pretty promising (plus I wanted something new for Elfwood :-) so I tried a body. The scene I saw was that a fey military general (yep, they go to dress up parties too) meets an opponent or rival on the neutral ground of some big shindig. The challenge comes, and she leans forward a little (here I failed to depict the torso compression) and replies, "You and whose army?" Oh so polite, no blood shed. But backed by an implacable force of legions of the fey.

Add some wings and a Giger-esque alien-type body. That's not a dress, they're tentacles and crustacean-like mouth-parts. Web skirt was an afterthought but lots of people seem to like it. The pen tablet was pretty frustrating at first because I wasn't used to the pressure sensitivity. The pattern on the wings was the result of that frustrated scribbling.

I concluded it soon after New-Year's 1998, alone, cold, and very pleased.

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