Niestr' Alietia
Niestr' Alietia

Sitting and not shooting
Copyright 2003 Meilin Wong

Notes: Some days I just want to draw wings and faces. I think that's how this one started. I wavered on the little tiny fangs too. You can hardly see them at this res so it's not too annoying. Maybe'll I'll improve the anatomy, maybe not. Hair: started punky (you know that fashion w/ long bangs in front and short in back...) but it didn't click. Then I sketched in the typical "pretty fairy lady long curls" and that was much better.

Clothes: yeah. hm. Ok, it *does* look kind of like "Victoria's Secret" for fairies, but... Ok, so sue me. I'm *still* not good at folds in cloth (err, so why don't I practice?) and I'm getting lazy. So when I sketched in some lines and it looked good, I went with it.

Border: I added this because I'm trying to round out my pictures somewhat. I went and looked at some of Alphonse Mucha's art (some dude from the late 1800's/early 1900's who was somehow involved in the French Art Nouveau thing). His stuff pretty, but the soft pastels and softly rounded flowery female lounging about doing absolutely nothing but looking pretty just aren't my thing. Uh... wait. What did I just draw?

Don't get me wrong, Mucha is great. His anatomy is great. Composition is awesome too and I really *do* like the flowingness. I just don't think I'll be doing that style exactly. Anyhow my takeaway lesson is
Warning cynicism ahead:

Pretty women look even better in matching pretty borders
(end cynicism)

Name: Zanzibar's fault. It might have something to do with the Russian phrase for "Don't shoot" and it might not.

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