"Pointy stiiiiicks! Pointy stiiiiicks! Get your pointy sticks right here! You can't get sticks like this where you're going!"
I heard this on my way out of a Renaissance Faire (with the prerequisite olde English accent.) There was a time when I though this quote was actually relevant in a roundabout way because just like that guy, I'm shamelessly listing out my wares. His were sticks, mine are old sketches, "in progress" work, and never-finished work. Now I think I just like that quote. :-)

Anyhow, there's stuff here you won't find (or maybe want to find) anywhere else. Although I didn't upload every last little thing I did, this is as complete as the online stuff gets.


Jan 2005

  • Ms. peach blouse.

    July 2001

  • Some Clothes sketches from Hydra.

    September 2000

  • Some guy clothes sketches.
  • sweet_apricot0245b.jpg (15,138 bytes) More renfair clothing ideas.
  • A whole page of Sweet Apricots

    November 1999

  • Dress Sketches - a bunch of dress sketches gathered on one page

    The rest of the Sketches

    Dec 2003

  • Female ouroboros halfbreed

    March 2001

  • Makita
  • Demon Wing

    Jan 2001

  • Clutch I
  • Clutch II

    November 2000

  • Ferocious lady

    August 2000

  • ash_wing.jpg (67,757 bytes) A dragon for a t-shirt idea which never materialized.

    July 2000

  • athena (25,502 bytes) a vampire lady. blah blah sensual, blah blah copper hair, blah blah blah. maybe i'll finish, maybe not. has some bugs, but i like her hair.

    May 2000

  • tiamar (31,766 bytes) wow, pastel colors

    Apr 2000

  • Figure Bowing - A color sampler of a sketchy bowing fairy.

    Mar 2000

  • blue_wings0137b2.jpg (16,901 bytes)
  • blue_wings0137e.jpg (16,211 bytes) actually red
    The two "blue wings" were because someone saw the "Sea Wings" and asked for a little sketch of blue wings. I didn't put it up for a while because I didn't like the shape of the wings but then I tweaked it until it was more passable.

    Feb 2000

  • kanisa_khalil1606b.jpg (56,920 bytes) Lady Kanisa and lucky dragon Khalil for Pierre. I can't believe it's still not done after more than 15 hours of work. Which is why it's here. I like it enough that I plan to finish it.

    Jan 2000

  • liane0242b.jpg (15,141 bytes) another sitting fairy
  • insect_armor.jpg (17,578 bytes)

    Dec 1999

  • dancing_flame.jpg (22,336 bytes)

    Nov 1999

  • seawings_splash2.jpg (14,851 bytes) This was on my top level homepage until March 2000.

    Jul 1999

  • jelly0025f.jpg (16,597 bytes) Used this as a background briefly. Can you tell I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium? Great jellyfish exhibit.
  • ladyhawk_red.jpg (25,263 bytes) Peanut gallery liked the silver-grey version better but here's the original colors.

    May 1999

  • misintree.jpg (27,607 bytes) Inspired by those "nosies" or maybe "whirlygigs".

    Jul 1998

  • jabberwock3.jpg (57,314 bytes) A much earlier version. This is when and how I started it. I decided the purely side view was too boring.

    June 1998

  • he.jpg (17,547 bytes) "He" to complement "A sidhe named She." "Pencil-shop" done in Boston, Susie's house late one night.
  • leaf.jpg (10,072 bytes) Original sketch
  • leaf_night.jpg (35,459 bytes) Nighttime version. Peanut gallery liked the "day" version better.

    May 1998 "Dark fey" which never got finished but some people who found it liked it enough to ask to use it.

  • darkfey0.jpg (15,948 bytes)
  • darkfey3b.jpg (23,673 bytes)
  • darkfey3b2.jpg (22,530 bytes)

    April 1998

  • drifting.jpg (13,252 bytes)
  • drifting.gif (27,598 bytes) "Drifting" first came out. Sept 1998 modified for use as background.
  • visor1.jpg (5,785 bytes) visions of Gibson dancing through my head...

    Jan 1998

  • she5.jpg (47,860 bytes) Early version of one of my favorite pieces, "A sidhe named She."

    Nov 1997

  • emptiness.jpg (14,321 bytes)

    May 1997

  • jasmine.gif (4,218 bytes) Jasmine. Learned what it was, drew some (grows outside the porch.) Was thinking of it because there was a "Jasmine" in Hydra.

    Jan 1997:

  • hooded.jpg (15,069 bytes) I did this on my brother's computer over vacation. I don't like this, it didn't come out at all like my vision... I think I was envisioning something like a leaner younger Obi-wan but it's all lost in the mists of time now, especially since I failed to capture the look.

    Nov 1996:

  • gargoyle.jpg (13,592 bytes) Gargoyle sitting

    Sept 1996:

  • overhead.jpg (12,639 bytes) Was supposed to be for someone in Hydra. Dunno if they ever used it, what with all the secrecy.
  • goshawk_dkgr_jewel.jpg (24,500 bytes) another hawk around the same time. Referenced from "Peterson Field Guides Western Birds."

    Aug 1996:

  • illy_door.jpg (28,738 bytes) The first "illy door" as spelled by sunspark. The original B/W. He was supposed to be black and I didn't know how to do black on a black background. Finally I decided on the blue hilights and spent a bunch of time converting him.

    May-Jun 1996: Did these for the person who manages the "Castle Amber Library"

  • unicorn.jpg (25,758 bytes) From a horse in a dictionary. Too stodgy though
  • unicorn_cameo.gif (8,328 bytes)
  • unicorn3.jpg (29,631 bytes) In June, redrew it into something more fancy and floofy. Also turned it into a tiling background for same person.

    May 1996 Arachnoids & Co. A bunch of pretty quick sketches (except for the crab) done for speed.

  • mantis.jpg (6,813 bytes) I used something for reference but I forget what now...
  • scorpion.jpg (14,129 bytes) From the Webster's dictionary
  • shell.jpg (5,323 bytes) reference from something
  • spider.jpg (4,460 bytes) obviously no reference :-)
  • blue_crab.jpg (12,433 bytes) Also from the dictionary

    May 1996

  • silver_rose.jpg (4,085 bytes) for Susie for an icon for Mikee's Amber run webpage.

    Sept 1995: Psiflare icon sketches for Abe. Decided to try making web icons, made the purple skull which with excellent feedback from DaveModiano, actually turned out looking kind of 3d and skull-like. (Tried using a monkey skull picture in National Geographics which didn't work well at all.) Also did a red skeletal hand which despite best efforts, looked like a palm frond. A few days later, drew a baby tiger using a greeting card as a reference. It came out surprisingly furry and real looking. (hundreds of strokes with a low opacity paintbrush.) Was pleasantly surprised. Made first version of "Scratch" icon for Susie's homepage.

  • psiflare.gif (3,206 bytes) For Abe
  • skull.jpg (2,537 bytes)
  • tiger.jpg (27,552 bytes)
  • scratch.jpg (19,233 bytes)
  • hand.jpg (5,872 bytes)
  • cyanosis.jpg (14,182 bytes) "Purple hand", mine.

    July 1995: Simple blue flames for my homepage icon. I was drawing in reds and oranges, decided to try inverting it and liked the blues better. Made the CMonster for Mossflower first in MacPaint, I think. Took it home and used photoshop, discovered the smudge tool, fell in love with Photoshop.

  • flame_med.gif (4,986 bytes)