What do fairies eat? Nectar and dew or fritos and soda?

Blue-green wings, mushrooms
Copyright 1999 Meilin Wong

Notes: A fantasy portrait of Samia. I'm quite pleased with the face. :-) Hmmm. This was supposed to be a substitute for Reverence, but the pose I got was none too holy. I like it nonetheless. :-) I hear hummingbirds need to eat constantly to allow them to maintain their ridiculously fast wing beats-per-minute. Yum, what a life. Maybe a more appropriate name would be "Fairy Snacks"?

I was was feeling uninspired about hand and leg arrangements so spent some time looking through Froud & Lee's "Fairies". That's probably what inspired the mushrooms, since I generally avoid mixing them with fey... it's too common. Oh well, I liked how they came out too. Once again, wing attachments a la Froud.

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