Link Logos

Link Logos

I don't usually use link logos so hadn't made any, but a few people asked, so I broke down and tossed together a few. Then SinGothic was making some for herself and kindly allowed me to display them here.

Feel free to download these to your own server and use them to link to my gallery. The URL's I recommend are either

Here's a nice misty-looking one from Snow Tigress, aka Kym Shay. Thanks Kym! She's still working on getting her page up. (July 99)

Meilin Wong's Gallery 14K, jpg
Derived from "Not Jabberwock"

These nifty banners were made by SinGothic from some of my drawings and the "Heidelbe"? font. Sin's page is pretty slick and even gets updated pretty frequently. (Dec 98)

Meilin Wong's Gallery 23K, jpg
Derived from "Illidor"
Meilin Wong's Gallery 28K, jpg
Derived from "Fairy Wings"
Meilin Wong's Gallery 22K, jpg
Derived from "Fairy Wings"

These logos were thrown together by me. The only thing they have going for them is that they're small! (About 6k each). They are all transparent gifs. The last column is an example of how the logos might look against a real background. I used the versions that are antialiased to black because this background is dark.