Mythical Creatures

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Fairies, Elves, etc

A page for the fey folk -- those fun loving, pointy eared, winged, altitudinally challenged creatures we all know and love.

Science has long doubted the existence of mythical creatures. After long arduous hours lying in wait hidden behind second-sight screens and covered in a new top-secret aura-dampening powder, we have managed to bring you the following photos. Finally, here is scientific PROOF (ahem...) that there are still fairies in the world.

Disclaimer: No fairies were harmed in the creation of these images. No fairy habitats were destroyed. These images are original composites created and mangled with Photoshop(tm).

Camo Fairy Callidora Bunch Elf
Windy Fairy C Fairy Lamp Fairy
Small Fry Tea Fairy Emily Angel
Trent Angel-Devil Sara Angel-Devil

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