Help Save Elfwood
Help Save Elfwood

There's this amazing site for Amateur Fantasy and Scifi art called Elfwood. I have spent far too many hours lost there. (Witness my bookmarks devoted entirely to that site.) It's currently run by Thomas Abramson and lives on some computers in Salt Lake City, USA. Unfortunately, the site (which used to live at Thomas's grad school in Sweden) now costs money. Thomas hoped to finance his project via web advertisements, but it's somehow not working.

So... I have tried to do my little bit. My part consisted of 4 commissions (well, maybe one or two more), the proceeds from which were sent to Elfwood. And though it's been fun, I need to return to my regularly scheduled hectic work hours.

As of Oct 2, '98 my offer is closed
(People who have outstanding requests excepted...)

Thanks everyone for participating. Special thanks to

Please visit the Elfwood Bookmarks project where you can get bookmarks with nifty art (mostly from Elfwood artists) for pretty cheap. At one point, Rivendog had a similar commissions offer, but that is closed too. If you're curious, you can still see what I was offering here.