A Food Diary

My Food Diary

Food, food and more food. Sundays, we had food at other people's houses. The last time I went regularly was in 2000. It was real-live cooked food, speared fresh from the stove and served, still gasping for breath, on real-live plates (usually round but sometimes octagonal.) I particularly liked the food part.

Sometimes it was hard to remember whose turn was next. And it was always hard to remember the recipes (especially when you made them up in the heat of battle.)

Bryn ... Bamf & Bryn ... Zanzibar ... sunsPark! ... merrrr ... Peter, Carol, Jack but only pictures of Emily

Yummy peanut chicken at sunspark and merrr's for the last time. Desert (white-chip lemon-lime bars) was served early due to a rice planning error. (As opposed to a ricecam error, inside joke :-) It just goes to show that even when you plan a sure fire, crowd pleaser, easy to make menu, and make one of the deserts the night before, you can still have a major oops. People discussed Dave's practically new computer (boy, RAM is cheap again), what he'd sell the old one for, and random political things, etc. Jack got a ride in his wagon. We had a second desert of apple crisp, more lemon-lime bars, and whip cream (what goes kshhrr?) from a can.

Carol & Peter are back from their secret mission in Spain! Yummy pesto and pasta w/ chicken breast topping. Ghiradelli brownies for desert, yummy and chocolatey as usual. Peter was unfortunately felled by a cold shortly after cooking. Emily seemed no worse for having sampled most of the spanish soils.

A tiny impromptu dinner with chicken kindof-satay by Bamf & Bryn. Dave was the sole co-conspirator joining the festivities. Rumor has it that it was good, but who knows what went into it. sunspark and merrrr punted on their scheduled dinner duties on account of being contagious and having recently come back from a snowboarding mission. Peter and Carol were not seen rescuing 13 hostages from terrorist forces in Madrid.

Seafood lasagne (red) at Dave's brand new place. A minimalist set of people, just sunspark, merrrrr, and Frank, made it hard to decide how to sit people. Yummy sweet potato pie w/ cool whip for desert. Today was the first day of combat for everyone's RC gliders, the first time Dave caught his own Zagi, and the first time Frank flew for an hour w/o breaking anything. Oh, and Frank did a roll. Um, that is, he rolled his airplane. Frank himself may or may not have rolled as well. Jack and Emily were definately not seen storming the castle.

Orange sauce chicken w/ couscous at Bamf & Bryn's. Mark and Leia from Loral replaced Carol & Peter. A really rich dark yummy chocolate thingy for desert with fresh whipped cream. Think brownie crossed with truffles and pudding. Mark was the one whose group had the most accurate paper airplane design (as measured by how many people could get it to hit a spot on a wall). His idea was to wad the paper up into a ball. Rah Mark!

Food at sunspark & merrrrr's, replacing Dave's turn because he's moving! Homemade cream of chicken soup with dumplings, meatloaf surprise, mashed potatoes and gravy. The dumplings (by Dave) were good even though we had to replace the watercress w/ parsley. The other stuff was a alright though a bit bland. Maybe more pepper and marjoram next time in the meatloaf. Yummy moose pie for desert. Dave explained how airplanes fly due to magic. We downloaded a "Proposition Song" because "the ballot is too darn long." Peter & Carol were packing instead.

Sloppy Joe's at Bamf & Bryn's with picnic style fixings of potato salad, homemade coleslaw, etc. Sloppy joes were good with potato salad in the sandwich. Various box-cakes for desert. Talk was of mediocre engineers, jobs, and other things mer still doesn't remember. Bamf & Bryn's orange tree now makes sweet oranges.

Irish soda bread (homemade) and beef stew at Carol & Peter's. Talk was of inductance and other exciting things which mer doesn't remember. Jack has stitches on his forehead. Yummy crunchy chocolate filled lace cookies for desert as well as sweet sticky buns.

Bulgogi at sunspark & merrrrrrr's. Was tasty but a bit tough, wonder why. Oddly, there were 9 biscuits in the tube, fortuitous but odd. People watched the creek and speculated if we would need to enact flood evasion tactics after desert. Three variations on desert: cupcakes with chocolate and cherries on top, chocolate cake with cheesecake and cherry topping, and just cheesecake topping with cherries on top. Braden can walk a few steps on his own if you trick him. Emily no longer falls down when someone nudges her. Everyone trooped over to the Chaucer street bridge to gawk at the water along with the rest of the town.

Spicy thai braised beef over egg noodles at Bamf & Bryn's. We should try this one again with less spice. Braden ate it though! Yummy rye bread to go with tasty french onion soup. Different recipe from Carols. This one, you throw everything in the crock pot and go shoot skeet for 3 hours. Frank showed up in the aftermath. Chocolate cake with colored sprinkles in the frosting for desert. Dave and David discovered that toddlers are extreeeemely amused if you play frisbee with paper plates and knock down paper cups. Pepper spray is available at your local drug store.

Some sort of mediterranean yummy chicken stew at Carol & Peter's. It was yellow and had a lot of olives. I guess you have to like turmeric and olives. Excitingly swirled mostly-white cake for desert. Braden was amazingly good despite his cold.

No official food, but sunspark and merrrr had grilled cheddar and chocolate-raspberry torte and both were yummy. :-)

Two kinds of tasty lasagne by Dave at the Bamf & Bryn locale. One spinach & nutmeg, one mild turkey sausage, merrr liked the sausage best. Bamf was consorting with French engineers. Bryn discovered some leftover banana muffins that were pretty good. Braden b-day cake for desert. (three! due to multiple "show up in the store with your kid, claim it's his b-day, and get free cake" deals.)

Swedish meatballs with Spanish Beef sauce at sunspark & merrrrr's. Sauce (preparation heavily modified from original) was ok but not as good as the 3 hour version. Meatballs made in the new cuisinart came out really tender though, yum. Fancy chocolate layer cake with Chambord (raspberry liquer) cream and a thin layer of rich chocolate on top was yummy and impressive looking to boot. We used box-mix for the cake after a collapsing accident with the original recipe flourless test-cake. Peter had to leave early due to Jack fever. Emily can walk around fairly well now. Special guest stars, sunspark's mom and dad.

We also had food in 1999, 1998 and way back in 1997 too.