Sufficient to Lure...
Sufficient to Lure...

Web awards

If I were the type to give an award, there would be only one and I would give it to

Dee's Art Gallery
She is a talented and unpretentious artist who gives away a whole lot of her cool dragon art for nothing, not one cent, link or email. Amazingly generous, I aspire to be like her. Her pages are NOT dolled up in lace, glitter, or gold. Refreshing. Go visit her.

Making Awards

If you like making awards and want to use my pictures, no problem, just ask. I think that's neat that people like to make things from my art. All I'm saying is that I don't make them, give them, etc.

Awards Free Zone

I don't do web awards. I don't make them, don't give them, don't want anything to do with them, and partly for these reasons, don't accept them... that would be somehow hypocritical, I think. I've seen too many web awards, and well, it's just too fashionable. You see, I don't do fashion either. On the other hand, if Lycos wanted to give me award, I might have to reconsider. I'm not that morally staunch. :-)

"Trinkets in airports, sufficient to lure them astray"

From the musical, Chess