Green Tea Dragon
Green Tea Dragon

Green (and gold) dragons drink green tea

green dragon drinking tea
Copyright 2002 Meilin Wong

Notes: Started with the head. Then was messing around with poses. It was looking like a boxing dragon, given the legs and arms. Imagine no teacup, and a fist on the left arm... But boxing gloves seemed a bit, well, too silly-mundane. The teacup seemed more amusing, albeit silly as well. The tail arrangement also didn't "just come" as naturally as I'd have liked.

Somewhat later, finished up the sketchy parts and realized the all-green scheme wasn't working. Possibly going for a less saturated green in general with just making the highlights more saturated would've looked more real. As it was, it looked somewhat like a monochrome. I also tried making the head ruff greenish so as to tie in better with the wings but somehow, that didn't look right either.

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