Dragon drops and lily
Copyright 2003 Meilin Wong

Notes: From a pencil sketch. The idea that took shape in the sketch was a newt-like dragon rising/morphing with a water lily or something. Dripping because it looked cool. Chinese characters and clouds inspired by this little freebie calendar I'd been hanging on to since 2000. I guess it's a pretty standard theme but I wanted to try it myself. Swooshy circles and strings inspired by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

My Chinese character handwriting sucks, not to mention I can't speak/read/write it in the first place. Ah well. I'd hoped to give the effect of glowing moon-like eyes and a glowing center flower but I need more practice lighting. For instance, the drops and wings, and sinuous tail... ah screw it. Stuff I like, the drops, the squiggles on the wings, somewhat the overall shape of the thing. Stuff to fix: center flower, dragon head - details and lighting, background looks empty, characters. Will I get to any of this? mmmm... :-) Oh yeah, you know what the squiggles on the wings remind me of? termite trails in wood. heh ;-)

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