Clothing Ideas
(Nov 21, 1999)

I was recently inspired to try to do fancy dresses.  Way back in my dim past, I used to have all sorts of ideas for medieval and renaissance or fantasy clothing.  Those ideas dried up somewhere along the way.  Anyhow, in keeping with my habit of trying stuff I'm not good at, I thought I'd do a bunch of quick clothing ideas.

I started drawing a figure in a standard "I'm showing off clothing" pose.  Then I'd draw a new outfit onto the model.  Sort of like a manikin. Most of these outfits took 10-20 minutes.  Here they are in the order I made them.
The first try.  It's ok.  I later changed the arm placements because I didn't want to obscure or detract from the clothing in any way.
Sunspark likes this one.  I kind of like it too, though it's a bit floofy for me.  I was trying for a more noble look and this is a little wenchy or bar-maidy.
Bleh.  I was trying a bit for something modern but fancy and a bit exotic.  I probably had in mind something like the poster from the "Lair of the White Worm"
I was a little frustrated how the previous dress wasn't working out so good.  I did this one real fast while working on that one as a bit of a protest that the model look so good in a dumb old t-shirt and yet I was failing to make a nice looking dress...
Sort of the greek deity look. I've been tossing the idea of the scarves attached to the arms since someone at work had that for a halloween costume.  I did this the second morning as I was waking up.
Errr, trying the biker look.  Too many floofy things, wanted something stronger and maybe ferocious.  I think it's okay given the floofy pose.  Also a wake-up one.
I really like how this one came out.  One version with wing sketches for a possible character sketch...  First of the evening.
The belly dancer look.  One version with curly red hair since the wild and lush look seemed more appropriate.
Dunno, sort of modern.  I sketched a couple of diagonal lines and liked how they looked so built the dress around it.  The sleeve/glove thingies really belong another dress though.