Blue Bookmarks... elfwood/lothlorien

Blue Bookmarks... elfwood/lothlorien

Talk about a site to get lost in! My list of notables, favorites, etc grows as Elfwood does. Elfwood used to be known as Lothlorien, but it's grown so much that it had to move.


Elfwood contains the Lothlorien amateur fantasy art gallery and the Zone-47 scifi gallery.
Elfwood Intranet.

Favorite artists

Peter Keres, the cutest werecats
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - elegant PS airbrush
Michael Anyiwo - Aerial Universe
Max Bertuzzi - oughta be pro, Struggling demon
Wen Hsu - lovely poignant style
Ken Stone - fillies and Photoshop cat people
Sarah Bernice Ballard - pretty pencil fairies
Nancy Y. Vegas - shaded pencil anime people
Michael K. Cole - furry photoshop people
Alfred L. Jones - expressive sepia pencil people
William Li - the paladin, a ragged hazy form
Mikhail E. Merkurieff - bold marker colors
Thomas Patrick Reidy III, pencil, cool intricate clothes
Francesca Benvenuti - charming child-like sprites
Ursula Vernon, cyber realism
Barry Beldam, Jr. - shaded pencil pointy things
Jill Johansen - just doodling
Robert William Stone - moody blue scenery
Melissa Goese-Goble - rough but nice whimsical fairies
Maggie L. Wang - street elves with style
Hai T. Phan - excellent far eastern anime

Favorite individual pics

'Blue-haired elf' by Lienn C. Chew
'DRAGON SONG' by Alfred L. Jones
'fairy girl' by Sarah Bernice Ballard
'Ghost Faerie' by Mark Ivan Cole
'THE GUARDIAN' by Alfred L. Jones
'Twilight Encounter' by Irma S. Ahmed
'Fairy' by Eliza Maria Sandell
'Clockdragon' by Matt Harpold
'Lady Centaur' by Joleen Flasher
'A sidhe named She' by Meilin Wong
'Cloak & Dagger' by Goon Gin May
'Female Knight in armour' by Michael Sleeseman
'Mourn' by Travis J. Tom
'Twin Blades' by Travis J. Tom
'Heirs' by Svetlana Chmakova - Anime
'Dragon and phoenix.jpg' by Bing S. Ho
'luca's lune' by Luca Indraccolo
anime angry mage - Alexis M. Negron

Controversial artists

Lothlorien, Images by Lara Renee
Niklas Wistedt - trashed by Moses
Colin Blair Fisher - trashed a lot


'Herd of Grazing Cloud Squid' by Michael S. Christopher
Lothlorien, Images by Chadwick Chavez
Lothlorien, Images by Michael Fauls
Lothlorien, Zone 47, Images By David Michalczyk
Lothlorien, Images by Arsi Salo
Lothlorien, Zone 47, Images By Yann Nguyen Minh
Lothlorien, Images by Matt Harpold
'Dragon vs. Mage' by Ronald G. Nutter

Hey look, Meilin Wong has a gallery there too.