Scottish, stubborn, carries a BIG sword.

Green eyes, sword with dragon wing guard
Copyright 2000 Meilin Wong

Notes: Bronze and gold sword hilt, 3' blade, 6' hilt (errr?), dragon wings on sword guard, green gem somewhere on the thing. On her: green eyes, hair muddy reddish with brown/blonde highlights. Ponytail, strays (none, alas). Tunic. 1 glove.

I could do a lot more work on this one given that it's barely out of the "sketch" stage, but I don't have to, heehee. ;) I think she's supposed to be a peasant type, but the original grey-brown shirt was too borrrring and also tended to blend in an unfortunate way with the glove. Green glove trim was another of my additions. I'm a bit ambivalent about the hair.

The background, her face, and the little dragon were the best return on my time. I've had this fade-leaf border/background idea for a few months now. It's from orange neon street lights and the shadows on the ground cast by the wild plum trees. I'm also pleased with the background because it only took half an hour. :-)

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