"Sweet little heartshaped face framing the nastiest pair of eyes you ever saw"
Quote from Burning Chrome by William Gibson

Wild red-gold hair, amber eyes, sharp pointy teeth
Copyright 1999 Meilin Wong

Notes: Started this one in pencil as an attempt to do a younger looking face. Not sure what makes a face look young. After looking at many pictures, decided that it has something to do with rounder smooth cheeks, smaller nose, rounded chin line. This one isn't too realistic (vaguely anime) but I like it.

First colored in Mar99, sortof as a step towards a character request but decided not to do the full character. (For you Elfwood fans, the request was for the infamous "Psi".) Was really pleased with the excessive hair. Note to self, don't spend time coloring lowres versions of pictures, because in case they turn out good, I'll just have to go redo it on the hires. The only thing left of the original pencil lines are the braids in her hair and portions of her face. Interestingly, the texture for the eyes was an accident. Picked up some lines from lower down in the body with the stamp tool and accidentally applied them on her eyes. Loved the look. Like marbelized gemstones.

Oh yeah, the name is from a non-player character girlfriend in a game I didn't play in. Though I did not participate, I sure heard a lot about it. When I was fishing for names, ("big hair" being too silly a name even for me), I recalled that the description of one of these "Dangerous Blondes, Inc." included "little sharp pointy teeth" for Sira. In the game, Sira is a Hellmaid from one of the Black Zone shadows of Chaos.

One more thing, William Gibson rules.

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