2am in the twentyfirst century, on the rooftops overlooking a busy metropolis, an member of X-ops retreats to a private horror and wishes she were permitted to die. Under the blood-washed neon, the look in her eyes is emptiness and despair.

Sad person on rooftop
Copyright 1997 Meilin Wong

Notes: My first city. An unusual choice of colors for me: reddish hues. I wanted the colors of blood-washed neon. Fall of 97, Gex2... Too many nights working late, the streetlights on the way home are like this.

This was partly inspired by a poster of John Constantine from Hellblazer???, a comic. I tried to make the face look like a picture from a magazine, but in that photo, the model was facing sideways. It was an interesting experiment in visualization, to try to get recognizeable features but from a different angle. I was also trying to do "folds in clothing", as suggested by zanzibar.

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