Bethon Am A'Shalka
Bethon Am A'Shalka

blue robed elf with globe
Copyright October 1999 Meilin Wong

Notes: Practice for folds in cloth. Yep, I drew the lens flare by hand. Pen tablet all the way. This one is wasn't too bad, timewise. I had a decent body, face, hands, and legs in maybe 3-4 hours. I spent embarassingly long fiddling with the lens flare though. It's much easier to mock up the effects on a flattened image because dodge works on all the layers at once. Plus, a mostly translucent fog becomes, when flattened, much more dodgeable.

Forest based loosely on Muir Woods. That's a great place. Lots of photogenic trees.

The title in Elvish is "The Mage A'Shalka". However, the title also has suspicious resemblance to the Russian word for "little cement mixer".

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