Wheeee! I'm on a pegasus!

Paige on a pegasus
Copyright 2000 Meilin Wong

Notes: This is for a friend for her niece's birthday. I like the fluffy mane and the wings the best (gosh feathers!), but I'm happy with the horse too given that I can't really draw horses. It's my second or maybe third horse if you count my sketches. I used friesian horses as reference, because they look cool. Somewhere, one of the pages said all Friesians these days are black. I made mine white because I made the wings first and they were white. As I was looking for horse references, I found a site with a cool medieval type picture,, which is where the inspiration for Paige's outfit came from. Except that I wanted softer cloth. As another friend described it, it's sort of a Normandy lady's dress on top, split skirt on bottom. My version has a green spandex body suit underneath because I'm too tired to do something better.

Yep, this one took a long time. There's a lot more detail in the wings especially that you can't see at this resolution. Thanks to the peanut gallery for all the helpful comments (not all of which I have the energy to implement) and especially to sunspark for the shadow suggestions.

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