Ant Lady
Ant Lady

What began as doodling developed into... refined doodling. She was going to be holding a tiny person in her hands (about to suck his brains out) but it was too much work.

lithe, bluish female creature
Copyright 1998 Meilin Wong

I was thinking of many things as I doodled: ants and how they march in icky trails around the kitchen or around the house; ants and how they bite; yakuza and their tattoos; squirrels; snakes; skinny women; the deep dry cracks in hot sun-baked earth; dragon's eyes; irridescent soap bubbles; HR Giger and Steve Ross; elven mithril (on the belt). How's that for varied? (Yeah I know, it shows. But as sunspark says, "Parts is parts!" :-)

First pass I had fuzzy hands and an oddly sleek tail. Second pass, used digital camera to take lots of pictures of hands. The hands are still not as clear as the rest of the picture, but they're better. And the tail is something like a cross between a pony's tail and silk.

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