Violet Scales
Violet Scales

Winged, sitting, violet scaled demonform
Copyright 1999 Meilin Wong

Yep, this one is a derivative of Lin'air. Actually, this scaled version is what Lin'air was always meant to be except that 1) I thought people would like a purely normal fairy, and 2) back then I was so tired of the thing, I didn't want to do the scales.

By the way, the scales were hard this time too. Remind me not to do anymore scaled demonforms. Not only did I draw each scale, I had to try it multiple times due to an unfortunate resemblance of the earlier attempts to leprosy. It turns out it's very important to highlight (specular highlights?) the scales somewhere and basically virtually erase them in the area of the highlight. Otherwise you also get this resemblance to fishnet stockings...

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