Composites Gallery

Composites Gallery

(This is randomness)

The Inspiration:
I love the stuff at Bajema's site. Her composited images remind me of Giger's aliens, Victorian antiques, insect wings, and the lacelike patterns of dead leaves all rolled into one. I don't pretend to understand the poetry, but there are lots of cool pictures. (Some are nude.)

The Interpretation:
Here is my interpretation of Bajema's style. However, whereas Bajema's stuff is elegant, beautiful, and odd, my composite is just... to put it kindly... odd. Well, I had to give it a try. Eyes of sunspark, butterfly by me, snail photo by me. I might subject the world to more of these, but then again, maybe not. :)

"In the Grass"

Copyright April 2000 Meilin Wong

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