Meilin's FAQ

Less typing for me.  More info for you.

May I use your pictures for...?
Please read my Art Policy which answers this question in detail.

Do you do Commissions or Requests?
Sorry, but at this time, I'm not taking any commissions or requests.  Unfortunately, I don't do trades either.  In the past, I did a few commissions which are collected here.  

Do you sell prints, books, etc?
Nope.  I'm lame. Really.

What tools do you use to make the pictures?

How do you do it?
I dunno.  Here's some ramblings.
I was going to make a tutorial but I never did.  Here are rough outlines. I don't always follow these to the letter, but it's my general method.  Hope they help.

Wings: Hair

Just say no.

Paintshop Pro?
I don't know, haven't used it.  It's cheaper but you might get good results.

Too lazy for now. Some people on the web coaxed some out of me years ago. Maybe you can find one.

Artistic statement?
Nope. I'm not an arteeste.  I just do this for fun.

Do you use references?
Sometimes.  I need real drawing lessons, particularly for anatomy.  My goal is to not need references to do accurate anatomy.  When that happens, I can buy fashion mags purely for enjoyment.  I tend to change the face and just use the picture to get the pose right.

Where do you get your references?
I use fashion mags primarily.  They're nice for finding pretty women images but they do tend to look the same after a while.  Then again, fashion mags can be inspirational.  Let's face it, it's fun to look at pretty pictures. :-)

I also use photos of me and my friends.  I particularly do this when I need to get something accurate fast.  No, you can't see these photos. :-P

Which of your pieces used references?
I'm too lazy to catalog them all.  Here's a few for example:
A sidhe named She - no reference
Bethon Am A'shalka - pose from photo of me
Lin'air - pose from a hair-removal ad
Sun Killer - no reference

What school did you go to/what did you major in to do videogames? I went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. There's a core program for the EECS dept which includes a little of both ee and cs no matter which one you do. (For those who went to MIT, I was a 6-1 who should've been a 6-3. :-) It wasn't necessary to go to a total cool-but-geeky college to do videogames but it sure didn't hurt.

What games have you worked on? As of June 2002, I've worked on Taz2 and X-Men2 the Clone Wars both for the Sega Genesis. Gex2 and Gex3 for the PlayStation 1. Mad Dash Racing for the Xbox. And if you're a headhunter, this is not an excuse to contact me. :)

Do you like your job? What is it like? I like my job - I'm a programmer. Making videogames is a great business. The art for it isn't probably as free-form creative as people might think. There's a lot of restrictions and the role of a "Concept Artist" is not too common. More likely is you'd be drawing textures for 3D mesh that a designer made and possibly making mesh too. I don't do art at work except 'programmer-art' and that's a euphemism for 'bad-art'. :-)