Pecan Nut Crescents
From the kitchen of Susie's Mom
There's probably lots of variants of this. I'd enjoyed these cookies from Susie for years before I got around to asking for the recipe.
  1. cream butter
  2. add sugar, vanilla and water
  3. sift flour and salt together and stir into mixture
  4. add pecans & mix thoroughly
  5. using portions about the size of small walnuts, roll into crescent shapes
  6. bake in slow oven at 325 deg F for 20 min.
  7. while warm, roll in powdered sugar.
Note: These are relatively easy to make. They're are a dry crumbly nutty not-too-sweet cookie. Well, not too sweet except for the powdered sugar on the outside which tends to glom on pretty thickly to the oil on the still-warm cookies, making a sort of psuedo frosting. Susie's favorite cookies.

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