Mushroom Wine Gravy Mushroom Wine Gravy
Makes a little more than a cup of gravy

(Note: if serving on pasta, start pasta first - it should be done by the time the gravy is.)

Saute the mushrooms and garlic powder in the lipid until mushrooms are cooked - about 2-3 minutes but it doesn't much matter exactly how long. Add beef broth, pepper, wine, and salt. Simmer a minute or two or as long as desired. The alcohol should all evaporate off. Add the cornstarch-water mixture, simmer until it thickens the sauce (about 1 minute).

This recipe feeds 1 mer or maybe 2 people if it's your main food. It'll go a lot further if you're just dabbing on some other entree-like substance. Serve over pasta or rice. It's better of course with fresh mushrooms, fresh garlic, and real meat flavor instead of bullion but it's still pretty good if you take all the shortcuts. Meilin made this recipe up, hence the loose measurements. It's sort of just the gravy part of porkchops with wine and mushrooms.

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