Maggie's Cranberry Sauce
Nov 2004
Minimum total time 45 minutes

Editors Note: This is really good, an instant favorite. Lusciously deep red, this orangey sweet tart cranberry sauce has two incarnations. The day it's made, it's assertive and slightly biting from the orange peel. After a day or more the orange peel mellows, the ginger permeates the dish, and it takes on a complex yet subtle spicey character. I've taken Maggie's charmingly cavalier instructions and applied standardized units. This recipe is pretty forgiving though, so it's not really necessary.

Chop the oranges peel and all into about 1/4" pieces. Put into pot with cranberries, turn to med-high. While they're cooking, core the unpeeled apple, chop into about 1/2" pieces and add to pot. Add cinnamon, cloves, ginger and sugar. Turn down so bubbling doesn't splatter entire stove. Stirring occasionally, cook until all the cranberries pop and then cook a bit longer, about 40 minutes.

Maggie Says: Oooh baby, this stuff ages well. Make it today and it's yummy on turkey or toast. Make it today and let the flavors meld until tomorrow and it becomes divine!"

PS: She also cans it with a bit of orange liqueur and gives it for presents. Lucky recipients! I'd try this too if I weren't too lazy and paranoid to try canning.

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