Curry Meat Pastries

This recipe serves about 6 adults (makes 24 3" sq pastries)

Prepare all but the puff pastry roughly according to the curry package directions. It's not really critical how long the curry simmers for instance, as long as everything is cooked and a nice consistency for pastries. Thaw pastry according to directions, cut each sheet into quarters. Divide curry into 24 or as much as will fit in each pastry square. Poke a few holes in pastries unless you like the exploded look. Bake at about 375-400 deg F until pastry looks golden brown, about 25-35 minutes? Make sure to put the rack in the oven in the middle because otherwise if you put it near the bottom, the bottoms of the pastries will burn before they are cooked.

Bamf and Bryn were the first to discover the S&B curry mix. The idea of pairing the savory curry with flaky pastry was pioneered in its first form last summer by Jack... err Carol! :-) That was the day with two kinds of filling and two kinds of crust. The pizza dough crust was alright, but for sheer yumminess, puff pastry wins hands down. I just took a look at the nutrition info for the sauce recently though... not for the faint of heart. Luckily, you can also reduce the amount of mix and increase the veggie count (or even drop the meat altogether) with no loss of yumminess.

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