Easy Apple Raspberry Pastry Cups

This was yummy and looks a lot more impressive than the amount of effort it actually took, largely because the puff pastry shells were store bought.  The shells are pretty tiny though, most people could eat 2 of these. The fillings can be prepared well in advance.

Makes 12 shells (serving 6-12 people, depending on how much dinner they ate.  7 adults + 1 Jack ate 10 shells)

Apple filling

Peel, core and slice apples.  Boil in about 1/2 cup water with the sugar and spices.  Simmer for a while so they're pleasantly soft but not complete mush.  It's okay if some get mushy because this is almost 2x the amount of apples we used in the end.  (I boiled the whole thing a few times and some got pretty mushy.)  Let cool as much as desired.  The type of apples doesn't really matter, I think, there's enough sugar to make any apple yummy.

Raspberry filling

Boil raspberries.  While they heat, mix cornstarch and water.  Dump in when berries are boiling, stir until thickened (almost instantly.)  Remove from stove when you get a chance (and before it burns).


The ones I got had a little circle sort of pre-cut out of the top, which when baked could be removed to reveal a little space inside the puff pastry.  Anyhow, bake according to directions (20-25 minutes at 400).

Garnish (I'm not sure I could taste it anyhow so I'd call this optional)

Grind nuts in coffee grinder (the little coffee grinder we have worked really well!)  Add powdered sugar to taste.
Remove top from shell, add some apples and a little raspberry filling.  Put top back on, drizzle with a little raspberry syrup, sprinkle with almond-sugar.  Serve immediately and with vanilla ice cream if desired.