Figure Drawing Session Feb 6, 2002
I drew some stuff.  Live model, just like in art school.  These are the best ones.  They are 15 minute poses with a possible 20 minute one.  Some of my drawings really sucked but I didn't scan those.

I wrote some stuff by each picture.  They're sort of notes to myself.  You don't have to read it.

I got some tips.  Hold the pencil not as you would write.  This helps to loosen the hand and discourage too much line drawing.  You want to "drawthrough" and draw shapes.  It takes too long to do a line/contour drawing.  (Not sure about that one, but I didn't go to art school.)  When he showed me a sample of shapes, he made a forshortened thigh and knee w/ ovals and circles.  It helped to see him do that.  It helped to understand what he meant by drawthrough (and shapes).

Media: #2 pencil (soft) on printer paper.

Untitled I

This one was photoshopped for sepia color. I cheated and lightened up the crease by her right hand because it looked odd.

The artist who gave me tips liked this one best.  I do too.  He said some art-teacher sounding things like 'drawthrough' and good 'line quality'.  You can see part of  my notes on the top left there, the 5 from the 15 (for 15 minutes), and part of 'drawthrough'.

Untitled II

This one didn't get the photoshop color sepia treatment.  This one is alright.  There were some interesting depressions along the spine which I started to try to indicate but didn't get.  Forshortening, oh my.

Untitled III

This one was the last of the evening.  More forshortening.  ack.  See her hand on the left?  Behind the cloth so I don't have to draw it?  She put it there, not me. That's not just be being lazy. :-)  Drawthrough helped the knee look correct.  Cool.  Had some trouble w/ the shoulders; I exagerated the initial volumes a bit too much.

Pictures and text Copyright 2002 Meilin Wong.